We are all aware of the change in r-devel, which requires package maintainers to declare all imports from default packages (aside from base package). Luckily, people from CRAN added convenient prompt at the R CMD CHECK of R-devel to remind us which functions should be imported into the namespace of our package. Unfortunately, this version is not compatible with the Roxygen documentation.

Below I present R script converting output from the prompt to Roxygen-friendly version.


# x must a text file containing only the information from R CMD CHECK about missing imports
cran2roxygen <- function(x)
  readLines(x) %>%
  gsub('"', " ", ., fixed = TRUE) %>%
  gsub("[(),]", " ", .) %>%
  gsub("[ ]{1,}", " ", .) %>%
  gsub("^ ", "", .) %>%
  gsub("importFrom", "\n#' @importFrom", .) %>%
  cat(., sep = "", file = "result.txt")

# see the example